Saturday, February 6, 2016


So if you read my 2nd 2016 post I changed jobs.

This turned out to be much more difficult than I anticipated.

When I started my job as a drug and alcohol counselor I never anticipated falling love with it and learning so much about who I am as a person.

When I started in the field I like probably many new counselors assumed I knew way more than I actually did.  Little did I really know I would have a lot to learn in the next 5 years.

I was a "green" counselor in every sense of the word and people took a chance on me.

This does not always happen as so many agencies want people with experience and unfortunately the only way to get experience is a job or unpaid internships usually.

I was blessed with this opportunity and am forever grateful.

I learned that I don't know everything, shit I barely know anything compared to my co-workers who have been in the field for anywhere from 10-15+ years!

However I learned so much from those same co-workers!

I learned how to be a better counselor, how to recognize where my strengths are and my weaknesses.

I learned (still learning) how to take constructive criticism and how to become a better counselor.

I made friendships that I hope last a lifetime.

When I left on Friday January 29th I cried and I am not ashamed to admit that.

I am sad to leave behind a 5 year era of my life and move forward with this new journey.

As for my new job here is what I can after my first week here is what I can say...

Day 1 of new job - the reason you don't get a new job
Day 2 of new job - Ok I can do this and got a bit of a feel for what I am about to begin
Day 3 of new job - Shadowing co workers and getting an idea of what this is all about
Day 4 of new job - all day training which they paid me for and I didn't have to travel in my own car to... I can do this
Day 5 of new job -  And today concludes the first of the worst weeks of a new job - but I am going back on Monday!

The first 2 weeks to a month of a new job makes you realize why you hate changing jobs!  I wish I could skip forward about a month and just be doing my job.  It is going to be a total change up from my old job which is good.  It never hurts to switch things around and do something different.  I can definitely do the job and am not running away from it.  Had this been a 6-8 years ago I might have been like OMGosh I can't do this but thankfully with the experience I have gotten, I think I am ready for this!

I am not someone who is defined by their job or career but it is obviously a large part of my life and I don't want to forget about this transitional period in my life.  I hope maybe people will read this and realize it is okay to move forward and go outside your comfort zone.  Life is not a straight line and sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and make the best of unexpected changes.

Happy Saturday and good luck!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015 Made By Meesh

During the second half of 2014 and 2015 I had the opportunity to create tons of Made By Meesh stuff so I figured I would share with y'all and do some explaining on them later on.

These first 3 pictures were from the same baby shower obviously for one of my best friends from college.  She is actually the reason I go by "Meesh" funny enough. It was a sports themed shower.
I made the banners and the invites. 

I made a few cards - the one above was for a family member's Jack and Jill baby shower and the 2 below were for our co-worker who moved.

My sister's friend wanted to have a Frozen themed birthday party so I helped by making the centerpieces, her named in glittered letters with a crown and the #6 covered in multiple blue, silver, white and glitter flowers for it. 

This was a sign a person had won in a giveaway and I finally got around to it. 

These were part of a wedding I helped with for the day of (set up tables, set up table place cards, coordinate, push buttons of music, decorate, etc.)

One of my fav items this year was this wreath I made for my sister in law for Christmas - her request.  I just loved how it all turned out!

There are probably some I am forgetting but figured I would share at least what I spent the last year doing!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Beachy Kitchen Blues

So I am not sure if I have ever told y'all how much I love color.

I love color so much that one year I had what was forever nicknamed "Meesh and the Technicolor Dream Comforter" - it was bright, multi colored and striped. Orange was the main color.  I loved it.

So when Big Chill introduced their color of the month project I was thrilled to share my version!

They have introduced 2 new colors based on the Pantone 2016 COLORS of the year

While I love both colors the serenity really stuck out at me.

So when I looked at Big Chill's color options the Beach Blue color caught my eye and I began imagining this color where else?  By the beach!

When I created my style board all I could picture was a retro beach house with a mainly white theme and beautiful pops of blue throughout.

I know it may not be original but I tend to lean towards something that I love rather than what is trendy. When I look for things to decorate or put in my home I think would I want to look at this item or thing in my home for years to come.

Big Chill offers a retro line, a classic line and a pro line.  Each line provides it's own unique feel and would allow everyone to find something that works for them and their home.

Pantone 2016 Big Chill

The items I picked range from retro to modern to shabby chic.  It is kind of like my own life I love to mix styles and textures and create my own unique look.

I would love to add these bold colors in my home and brighten it up in a while new way. 

What colors would you make the center of your kitchen and home?


Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 ... so far

Well if you read my 2016 post you saw that it was shaping up to be a great year right?  Right!

Shortly after I posted that telling you all about life lately I got a new job!!

My new job is exactly 14 miles from my house, this is 50+ miles closer than my other job.

Now that I am leaving my current job I feel like I can share what it is I did if I haven't already.  I never shared a ton about my job with the exception of this post and if it was cryptic I never meant for it to be but I was never really sure how much I could divulge for privacy purposes.

For the last almost 5 years I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for a hospital and I love(d) my job.  I fell in to it by accident and ended up falling in love with the work I got to do.  While at the job I was given the opportunity to work in multiple areas and with multiple populations and in multiple positions so in other words my 5 years there gave me awesome experience and made me happy about 95% of the time.

I am leaving the drug and alcohol world to return to the world I began in - developmental disabilities.  When I was in grad school I was positive I would end up working with children who had autism and was so excited.  But unfortunately it never really panned out that way - I moved back to CNY after grad school and started my first big kid job as a SW for a nursing home and knew right away it wasn't for me.  I kept looking for 1.5 years until the current job at the hospital popped up and I never left it nor had any a desire to.

I always told my co-workers that the only thing that would get me to leave was if we moved... shoulda been a bit more cautious with that phrase huh? lol

I say all of that to say I am starting a new job as of February 1st and I look forward to this switch up.  It will allow me to be home at a better hour, I get to work a true 8 hour day, I will not be traveling 3 hours round trip anymore and I get to focus my time on the last class I have to take to get my certification in chem dep I have been working on since April 2015.

I look forward to this new adventure and I will have a post up about my thoughts on actually leaving my job.  It was a bigger deal than I thought - spoiler.

What is new in everyone's world?


Sunday, January 10, 2016


Another year come and gone and I decide to jump back on the blogging bandwagon... Figures.

2016 promises to be a good one I believe and that is only cause 2015 ended up building up to a crazy but awesome year

When 2015 rolled in last year I did not have great expectations of it considering the hubs would be working 4 hours away from home Sunday-Friday and only coming home for weekends for a undetermined period of time, we had some of the shittiest weather in CNY which resulted in ice, snow and chaos. (yes I know #firstworldproblems -- not proud to admit my pettiness and whining over every day life but hey it is reality...)

Well January rolled in with the normal chaos and then things got interesting.

We muddled through winter to find out the hubs got a job promotion and we were moving.

The move happened between April 1st and June 7th.  In that time we updated the last bits of our house, put it on the market, sold it, bought a new one, hired a moving truck/company, packed, moved -- all while he started working 1.5 hours south in our new soon to be home.

The kitchen in our townhouse before we sold it

It was a crazy few months.  During March and April my father lived with us instead of having to commute 2 hours himself for work each way and helped us out a ton.

I wrecked my car on the hub's 30th birthday -- I celebrate milestone birthdays big as I got in to a car accident on my own 21st birthday.

Throughout the year there were birthdays (we both turned 30 in 2015) family visits, home repairs/updates, moving, packing, I now commute 1.5 hours to work each way until I find a job closer to home.

Winter has set in again lol and we are looking at a new year of craziness.

When 2015 rolled in as I said I didn't have too many expectations but go figure we ended up in our dream house with the hubs in his dream job and things going pretty damn good right now.

So 2016 looks like it might be one hell of year.

What's 2016 gonna bring in for you?


Friday, June 20, 2014

Where the magic happens...

Get your mind out of the gutter!
I am talking about my craft room!
Fair Warning this is going to a very picture heavy post -- you have been warned!
So about 2 years ago I got my craft room in great shape

 photo 293735_294001190697949_113764571_n_zps9eb875ca.jpg

And it stayed that way for a little bit...
But then the pics below happened...

 photo IMG_0937_zps2fca257f.jpg

 photo IMG_0938_zps1ab46a2f.jpg

 photo IMG_0940_zpsa3a589f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0941_zps82dfb841.jpg

 photo IMG_0942_zpsb4eacd6b.jpg

Yeah I can't believe I am even showing you these!
I am not proud of it, but I tend to procrastinate and hate to do things right now but would rather do them later...
Reality is later rarely comes...
But eventually I was forced in to making shit happen and here we go...

Here is a pic of all the stuff I threw out or donated

 photo IMG_0943_zpsa84fa432.jpg

And now for the after pics

My Silhouette Cameo now has a permanent home!

I love being able to to use in one place instead of hauling it up and down stairs to use with the lap top!

Also funny story about this desk -- when we moved in to our house we thought it was a great idea to try and carry this up 3 flights of stairs on our own... yeah we have the dings and dents on our walls 4 years later and it remains one of our favorite trial of our relationship stories lol

 photo DSCN1117_zpsff9cd33f.jpg

This is the husband's going away gift when he left his last store and he wanted to be able to use it so we put my business cards in it lol

 photo DSCN1051_zps20d53b8d.jpg

My bookshelf serves dual purpose -- lower 2 shelves hold actual books and some decorations that mean a lot to me and the top shelf is holding a few odds and ends. 

 photo DSCN1095_zpsf07b074e.jpg

Here is a close up of the top of the bookshelf and the wall above
Ribbon is part of the decor which I love
And those 2 hand knit birds were my cake topper made by a high school friend of mine for our wedding! 

 photo CraftRoom_zps3980c1a5.jpg

This sits on the wall to the right of where my desk is
Each bucket is home to a different item: measuring tape, half made projects, pens/pencils, ribbon scraps and all my scissors and craft utensils

 photo DSCN1100_zpsa24fa117.jpg

I absolutely love this shelf!
I collect shot glasses so this provided a display for those and the bottom part is the majority of my supplies.
Each tote holds different things: yarn, fall decor/craft items, spring/valentines day, Christmas, pictures supplies and the ones without totes has my large collection of notebooks, jewelry making stuff, birdhouses lol and all my wooden letters, frames etc.  

 photo DSCN1092_zpsffd9534b.jpg

This sits by the door and holds all my canvases, my vinyl and transfer tape!

 photo DSCN1089_zpsa5648a23.jpg

And last but not least my shelves that are right next to my desk and under the shelf on the wall holding all the buckets

 photo DSCN1097_zpsb4ffba56.jpg

The top tote holds momentos that have no home as of yet, the bottom holds all my pants
The 3 sets of shelves/drawers houses my printer on top, scrapbooks, stamps/stickers and adhesives for scrapbook, scrapbook paper for about 3 drawers and then cards.

There is also a table that I use for my projects but it is currently covered in projects and a corner with a table that houses more paints/gesso/spray paint, frames, etc all in baskets!

So thanks for sticking around if you did and welcome to my happy place!!

Any questions let me know! 

-Meesh :) 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

29 for my {holy shit I am almost 30!} 29th

Yes you read that correctly... today is my 29th birthday
Growing up I never thought twice about being 30
Age has always been a number to me
I am a firm believer that you are only as old as you believe and allow yourself to be

So to celebrate 29 blessed years of life here are 29 things about me! {Here is another list about me}

1. I was named after my grandmother {Michelina} along with 3 cousins {1 Michelina and 2 Michelle's}

2. Up until this Spring I had no middle name, now my middle name is my maiden name

3. I am the middle child with an older brother and younger sister and the "black sheep" -- but in a good way

4. I was the first person in my family to graduate from high school, college and graduate school

5. I am license eligible for mental health counseling and have been for 5+ years but haven't done anything about it

6. I fell in love with Hawaii when we honeymooned there and have been scheming to find a way to move there ever since

7. I am beyond tone deaf like I could not carry a tune if my life depended on it

8. I sky dived the day after my wedding... slightly hung over... in a desert.... outside Vegas

9. I'm a crier... over everything... and I ugly cry... it is soo embarrassing

10. I developed allergies as an adult to a lot of foods that once were my favorites

11.  I am dramatic -- very dramatic and tend to share that drama with others

12. I love clothes and playing dress up and color but look in my closet and it is all cardigans, simple dresses, white, black, gray, dark blue and turquoise lol

13. I am perpetually lazy

14. I can't drive a stick shift

15. I didn't get my license until the day before my 19th birthday

16. My feet have shrunk from a 7-7.5 to a 6-6.5 randomly and I never noticed it until I couldn't wear my old shoes anymore

17. Our next house will probably be picked based on whether I can place a Christmas tree in the entrance by the staircase

18. I hate carpet -- it grosses me out and I cringe at the idea of ever owning a home with any type of carpets including rugs -- rugs only because Basenjis like to tinkle on them

19. I want to own my own shop one day -- I went as far as buying a domain but have not done anything since then

20. I love pink and yellow

21. I am petrified of spiders and any and all bugs and forget about flying bugs I turn into a 5 year old little girl

22. I can somewhat understand spanish and fully understand my father's Italian but can not speak either beyond simple sentences... something I really regret now

23. I was a size 0-2 when I graduated from college now put a 1 in front of those numbers and you have my current state lol

24. I have spent half of my life in Texas and half of my life in NYS

25. I have only been out of the country as far as Canada but I don't count it as it is 30 minutes from home haha

26. I absolutely love to read and my kindle is my favorite thing -- I just need a book light for it

27. I would love to have twins one day

28. I use my feet as my second set of hands -- it freaks out my poor hubs

29. Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved Disney, my mother used to buy us the Disney Classic movies and we still have the VHSs, I got engaged in Disney, honeymooned in Disney and visited last May and I used to write for the blog Disney Divas -- true dedication right there!!

What's something we don't know about you?

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